st camillus

Round Square Computer Donation to St Camillus School Mandela Village – Hammanskraal

st camillus1 Kwalata Community Development Initiative (KCDI) has secured the donation of 20 laptop computers and programmes for St Camillus School. Round Square are scheduled to open the new computer centre at St Camillus School on 9th May 2014, and remain in the community for the day of the … Continue Reading ››
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roller skates SA national championships 2014

Rollersport South Africa (RSSA) hosted the 2014 Championship in Mandela Village from the 28th - 30th March. Approximately 200 South African Skaters and International Skaters from eight countries competed.  The event was last hosted in Hammanskraal in 2010 and it was a huge success.  The local community enthusiastically supports the event and approximately   … Continue Reading ››
tlc kitchen

Kitchen Equipment Target – R25 000.00

The Kitchen Buildings at Tender Loving Care are nearing completion.  Electricity installation and ceiling remain to be done. tiling is currently underway.

Our Needs List for the Kitchen Equipment includes:

  DESCRIPTION                              Double Open Burner Boiling Table, with open grids, Floor Standing, L.P. Gas operated with painted angle iron framework and tubular legs. Open grid size: 400 x 400mm … Continue Reading ››

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